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США разочарованы кадрами испытаний «Циркона»

США разочарованы кадрами испытаний «Циркона»

Журналисты заявили о странностях, которые были замечены, в представленном российским военным ведомством видео

Американское агентство «Covert Shores» выразило недовольство кадрами, отснятыми в ходе испытания российскими военными новейшей гиперзвуковой ракеты «Циркон».

Russian Navy Zircon Missile launch - Covert shores

После того, как эксперты проанализировали обнародованные Минобороны РФ кадры, они обнаружили много странностей. В первую очередь в издании обратили внимание на элементы корпуса боевого комплекса. По их словам, он совсем не тот, который должен был быть у «Циркона». Кроме того, по своему внешнему облику, сама ракета отличается. В «Covert Shores» считают, что российское военное ведомство в действительности продемонстрировало испытания ракеты П-800 «Оникс».

«Россия показала запуск ракеты, которая не имеет ничего общего с «Цирконом». Либо российские военные не хотят показывать, как выглядит ракета, или наши представления о ней ошибочны», - пишет автор.

Ранее ГЛАС сообщал, что силы НАТО неспособны своевременно обнаружить и перехватитьроссийскую гиперзвуковую ракету «Циркон».

Russian Navy Zircon Missile launch - Covert shores

Russia's Much Vaunted Zircon Hypersonic Missile Launch: Not All It Seems?

Flag In the race to field hypersonics, Russia is forging ahead by rolling out the 3M22 Zircon missile to its Navy. A wide range of submarines and surface combatants are slated to get the new anti-ship missile. Zirconization fever is in many ways similar to the 'Kalibrization', which has occurred over the past 10 years. President Putin himself has repeatedly emphasized the importance of the missile.

In this vein the Russian Minstry of Defense recently proclaimed the successful launch of a Zircon missile from an Admiral Gorshkov frigate. It occured in the White Sea on October 7. Media outlets, both credible and less credible, amplified the claims. Some noted that this was the first glimpse of the new super-weapon.

But there is a catch. The test launch shown wasn't of Zircon.

The Test Launch Footage Wasn't Zircon

In what might have simply been a press officer blunder, or maybe deliberately, the footage released appears to be of another missile type. It seems to show a P-800 Oniks (SS-N-26 STROBILE) anti-ship missile. The Oniks family of missiles (includingYakhont and Brahmos) have a distinctive configuration.

There are two strong clues. A) the missile shown emerging from the vertical launch system (VLS) is characteristic of Oniks. It has a nose cap which sits on top of a missile which barely tapers at all. B) The launch sequence, with the unusual nose-cap thrust vectoring, is the same as Oniks.

Oniks is unusual among missiles by having an annual air intake right at its nose. This gives it a relatively stubby configuration. A cap is placed over the air inlet during the initial phases of launch. This contains angled thrust-vectoring nozzles. After the missile is launched vertically, these thrusters flip the missile over before the main thruster kicks in. The cap is discarded as the missile powers away. It is quite different from many other missiles such as Kalibr.

Russian Navy Zircon Missile launch - Covert shores
The alleged Zircon launch (left) and a verified Oniks launch (right).

Zircon is expected to have a much more tapered nose, and likely not symmetrical in profile. The missile being launched doesn't look like that at all. So either our expectations for what Zircon looks like are completely wrong, or more likely, the footage wasn't of Zircon.

All this doesn't mean that Russia isn't developing and fielding Zircon. It just means that we have to be vigilant when presented with evidence, even from official channels.

Russian Navy Zircon Missile launch - Covert shores
The Oniks family's distinctive nose cap with thrusters

Russian Navy Zircon Missile launch - Covert shores
Zircon (and the likely related 'Brahmos-II') is expected to have the typical hypersonic vehicle layout with an asymetreical side profile and square-cut intake.

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