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Последний защитник Севастополя

Дед Максим, 104 года. Последний защитник Севастополя.

Крымский п-ов, 1911 г. Ветераны Крымской войны 1853-1856 гг.

Last Crimean Veteran (1927):

Item title reads: " Last Crimean Veteran. Full Military honours for  Pte. R. Shiers - late of the 17th Lancers - the "Death or Glory Boys" who served in the Crimea Indian Mutiny and Turkish Campaigns.
M/S soldiers in busby helmets shoulder arms. The camera pans to a gun carriage. A brass band marches. It looks misty as mounted soldiers pass, followed by men in top hats and other mourners at the funeral.

Tags: Крым, Россия, история

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